Blog employee holding a red radish The Mighty Radish

Among the smallest of root vegetables, the radish is as delicious and versatile as it is mighty.  It is powerful in two ways: one, its antimicrobial and antiviral properties provide lung protection against infections and inflammation; and two, (more…)

pdxfam lovely home-grown basil Basil: an herb worthy of a king

Basil has always been a favorite of mine. It’s gentle yet enticing and earthy aroma always reminds me of family and friends gathered around the table sharing stories over a good meal.  Basil is so versatile and easy to grow, that along with chives, thyme, sage, rosemary, and cilantro, it has become my go-to herb for a lot of dishes. I read somewhere that (more…)

a bunch of lovely artichokes from pdxfarm Artichokes got heart

January is the perfect time to plant artichokes, a vegetable with a heart full of goodness. There are more than a dozen tasty and healthy reasons to grow them, and luckily for us, (more…)

pdxfarm tree branch with snow Winter Pruning

To be the best gardener you can be, it’s important to know the inner workings of your plants and understand that dormancy is in effect, a rejuvenating process. Dormant-season pruning is the best for several reasons: it encourages flower and fruit, and promotes strong growth and health by getting rid of sickly or diseased plant parts. It allows you to see plant form and structure clearly when (more…)

a ballad of yellow flowers Dormancy: a ballad of hope

Pulling some favorite poetry books and mystery novels off the shelf, I realized that the seasonal process of drawing inward had already begun without even really noticing. As colder weather approaches, we begin a healing and reinvigorating process that will last through the winter months and that expresses itself (more…)

beets on a rustic board The root vegetable that beets the rest

When it comes to health promoting functional foods, beets are the best. They are not only a great source of fiber, folate, vitamin C, and nitrates, but according to (more…)

raised beds in the blue house backyard Juniper

If you are thinking about building raised beds this year, we highly suggest using Juniper.  While cedar and fir are often preferred building materials, (more…)

pdxfarm-bee-on-lavander Perennial Medicine

Some of the simplest gardens and walkways of Portland are stung with efficacious medicine. While gardeners (more…)

Flying hummingbird Stewarding Your First Garden

I love Portland for its bastion of dedicated gardeners, green thumb heretics, and impassioned seed savers. For the pollinator habitats, rain gardens, and sheet mulching hacks happening on every corner. Though, for first-time gardeners, (more…)

Bumble bee on a leaf Making plans for Spring

It is certainly true that this winter is uncertain. I’ve seen cherry blossoms in January, and earlier this week, buds were covered with snow. While I expected (more…)

Heads of white and purple cauliflower Shifting miracles

Perhaps it’s an inevitable cliché —starting your gardening blog by talking about the weather. But, as a season moves in, a season moves out, and with it, we gardeners witness these interrelated, shifting miracles: (more…)

raised bed with red flowers and brassicas in the background Whiffs of autumn

Dear PDX Urban Farmers,
Walking home the other evening, I found myself moving through cool pockets of air, experiencing a certain relief, with another clear sign of fall’s approach. I don’t know about you, but these whiffs of autumn are clear in my garden too– (more…)

Lovely tomatoe vines and hammock Summer months

Dear Budding Farmers,
As July comes to a close, I’m looking back on what we’ve been doing for clients as well as the pivotal seasonal turns we are gearing up for here at work. I write this thinking of our summer months and our city’s weather. Starting with our beguiling June lightening, and now, (more…)

Beautiful pdxfarm vine tomatoes Tomatoes

Sungolds, Orange Oxhearts, Tidy Rose… A tomato’s descriptive worth is almost as pleasing as the fruit this plant offers come summer. And after this weekend’s temperatures, there’s all the more reason to have its fruit on the mind, as the day’s heat primed the earth (more…)

The Beltane
The midpoint between spring and summer

If you look at a calendar, you will notice that we have just crossed the midpoint between spring and summer. Celtic traditions call this the Beltane, May 1st, and as the days draw us nearer to the summer solstice, it is time to take stock of spring’s seedlings while (more…)


Spring is here, and this is our favorite time of the year!

Even though the temperatures can vary in Portland you can get a lot of veggies in the ground. This is the ideal time to plant your potatoes, brassicas and onions in the ground. I like to get creative with how I plant my potatoes, using burlap coffee bags can be a fun, innovative way to grow your potatoes. (more…)

Planting Potatoes in the Spring

This three-minute video from the New York Botanical Garden will walk you through the step by step process of planing potatoes.

Quote: Allan Armitage

Gardening simply does not allow one to be mentally old, because too many hopes and dreams are yet to be realized.

Allan Armitage

Red cabbage The History of Cabbage

Although cabbage has an extensive history, it is difficult to trace its exact origins owing to the many varieties of leafy greens classified as “brassicas.”  (more…)

Toy tonka tractor and flower garden Children and vegetable gardens

Growing a vegetable garden is a lot like raising children. (more…)