Grow your own!

Veggies are filled with energy, nutrients, and life itself!

The empowerment, satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with growing your own, is a reward that keeps on giving. Giving to your family, your neighbors, your community, yourself.

…it is gifting your children a vision for a sustainable future…

Most importantly, it’s gifting your children a vision for a sustainable future in which they learn to understand the meaning of patience, expectancy, dedication, consistency, reward. To yourself, it’s knowing exactly where your nutrients comes from; it is knowing that that which you nourishes your body, is chemical free; it’s knowing that as we care for the environment, the return on investment is always a thousand fold in ways big and small. To your neighbors, it is the joy of receiving the gift of fresh home-grown vegetables; the perfect gift for any occasion.

A garden adds beauty to your neighborhood, and it brings to everyone’s awareness the harmonious interrelationship of humans, plants, animals and the earth. A relationship that is both our joy and responsibility to cultivate —pun intended.