Something great is about to hatch!

You will find that when you grow your own garden, something great is always about to hatch.

The reason for that is because every season has its own way to nurture that which is constantly in the works, so to speak. Each season nurtures us even when it’s not so obvious; even in the dormant states. Each season nurtures our minds and our souls just as much as our bodies —if not more.

A magical process

When we garden we acknowledge that everything is possible. With every seed planted we know it’s jut a matter of time before we see something begin to emerge, and eventually break through the soil. While we don’t actually get to see the magical process that makes it possible for the seed to germinate, we get to witness the promising results. Environmental conditions determined by how deep the seed is planted, the quality of the soil, water availability and temperature, all play a role in the activation of the enzymes already contained in the tiny seed. A seed that had been all the while dormant.

Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow! Grow!”

The Talmud

We can’t help but to be humbled by an amazing process that escapes our control almost entirely.  And we marvel at the tiny plants that fill our hearts with a sense of expectancy.  Our patience and consistency are tested, but also hugely rewarded throughout the growth process. Every new change and nuance make us feel part of something important that is happening in real time; something that as it grows, we grow with it.


In our growth we become more aware of the importance of giving and receiving; we understand clearly the law of cause and effect. We begin to trust a little more in the power of our intentions, and gracefully accept the fact that it is ultimately the Earth that does the work. When gardening we have an opportunity to be in the present moment, to enjoy the process, and to learn to detach. All we need to know is that something magical is in the works and about to hatch.